Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks in your home can be a nuisance, and getting rid of them when the summer heats up can be challenging. Today, the population of these parasites has steadily risen and are becoming more resistant to conventional methods of treatment. Both fleas and ticks are carriers of vector-borne diseases which can then infect humans and pets. If you suspect these menacing pests in your home, it is imperative to contact a licensed pest professional.

Flea Control

Fleas may be minuscule, but they can have a significant impact on you and your pets' comfort. Although their infestation can be mild or severe, one bite can be quite irritating and can send your animal into a whirlwind of scratching against solid objects, self-biting and digging at their skin. Some pets will have a hypersensitivity to flea bite, and may thus cause flea allergy dermatitis which is characterized by severe irritation and self-damaging behavior. Moreover, fleas carry dangerous diseases like Cat Scratch Disease and Typhus. As such, if you spot a flea in your home, it's advisable to call a professional.

Tick Control

Ticks are blood sucking parasites and vectors of disease-causing agents. Their Infestations start when they're brought into our yard by mice, rats, squirrels, or raccoons. However, they get inside homes by hitching a ride on passing pets, people, and clothing. The most notable of the diseases associated with these pesky parasites is Lyme disease, Q fever, Colorado tick fever, Rocky mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, and Tularemia among others.

Flea & Tick Eradication and Control

Although simple DIY practices such as keeping grass and weed short, restricting animal movement, and using over-the-counter products for controlling these nuance parasites may work, some cases call for a professional. An expert will be able to resolve the root cause of the infestation and apply the necessary control and preventive measures. Typically, control of flea and tick infestations require four steps:

  • Preparation for treatment
  • Treatment of pets
  • Treatment of the inside premises
  • Treatment of flea activity sites outside

You Can Always Rely On Us

If you suspect a flea or tick infestation in your home, it is essential to contact a licensed pest exterminator, like us, immediately to rid your home of these blood sucking parasites. We'll do a thorough inspection of your home to identify areas where the immature stages of the parasite population are residing and provide you with control options and recommendations to safely get rid of them and help prevent future occurrences.

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